FAQ - Troubleshooting License Activation Issues

After installing the Crosscheck Networks products, license activation is necessary before the products launch. The activation procedures are the same for both products and there are two methods of activation - online (automatic) and manual. 


Online Activation

Online activation is done by entering the purchased license key (or using the pre-loaded 14 day eval key) and clicking the "Activate Key" button.  With the online activation, the software attempts to connect to our internet based licensing server for automatic activation.

A list of common online activation problems and resolutions follows:

  • " ___ is not in valid Name/Company/Email format " - This message indicates that the Name, Company, and Email fields are not completed properly. If activating an evaluation version, ensure the contact details provided match the details given when registering online for the evaluation.  Ensure there are no leading white spaces in any fields. 
  • " You have exceeded the number of purchased activations for this license key... " -  Each license key has a set number of activations associated to it. This message indicates that there are 0 activations remaining for this key. If you receive this message in error, please submit an online support request or contact support@crosschecknet.com for further assistance.
  • " Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server " - This message indicates a network issue preventing the software from reaching the online activation server.  The software is attempting to connect via HTTPS on port 443.  If the system requires a proxy server to access the internet, click the "Proxy Settings" link on the screen to enter the appropriate settings and then try again.  If the system does not have internet access, you will need to manually activate the instance (see instructions below).
  • " Exception: Invalid URI: The URI is empty " - This message indicates a problem with the proxy server settings. Ensure the correct Proxy URL, Username, and Password are listed and try again.


Manual Activation

If the Online Activation fails, it is possible to manually activate the products via Email. Follow the instructions below to manually activate.

    1. Click the 'Manual Activate' button,
    2. Enter the license key to be activated, click Next.  If the key was entered on the previous screen, it should be listed here as well.  If you are activating a purchased license key, ensure you enter the purchased key exactly as it was provided (no extra spaces). Note that after installation, the evaluation license key is always listed by default.  If you have a purchased license key please ensure you replace the eval key with the purchased key.
    3. Copy the Activation ID and email it to activate@crosschecknet.com. Click the clipboard icon or manually copy the full Activation ID. The Activation ID consists of the license key and a unique machine fingerprint ID in brackets.
    4. When you receive a reply email from Crosscheck Networks, launch the manual activation wizard again and click Next until you reach the last screen. Paste the activation code that was sent exactly as is (no extra spaces). Click Activate.
    5. You should receive a "Activation Successful" message followed by a "Registration Successful" message. The product should now load.


General Activation Issues and Troubleshooting

Prompted to activate after initial successful activation - Launch and activate SOAPSonar with the "Run As Administrator" option (right click on the shortcut). This issue is typically caused by a lack of administrator privileges, which are required for activation.

Other causes: License activation is based on a unique machine fingerprint ID that the software calculates upon launch. If this fingerprint ID changes after initial activation, the license will need be activated again. 

The fingerprint ID is calculated from several hardware components, including physical RAM, hard disk size, etc.  If these components change, it may be necessary to re-activate the instance. Submit a case online or contact Crosscheck Networks Support for further assistance.

Software installed on Virtual Machine and requires re-activation frequently -  The Crosscheck Networks products do fully support Virtual Machine (VM) environments. However, if the VM components (RAM, hard disk space, MAC address) change the software may require re-activation. Typically the issue is related to the MAC address changing. 

Check for a VM setting related to network adapter modes, where the MAC is set manually (suggested) or let the host set it (with this option the MAC could change and cause this problem).

Initial activation succeeds but when other users log in to the machine, they are required to activate - The products need to be installed and activated using the local Administrator account.  After the install and activation, it is not necessary to have full Admin rights to run the product.  However, sometimes when a non-admin logs into the system and launches the product, they are prompted to activate.

If there will be non-admin users running the products, the product should be installed to a shared directory on the system - instead of the default Program Files location.  With Windows XP a default shared location available to all users is the "Documents and Settings\All Users" folder.  With Windows Vista and Windows 7 this is changed to "Users\Public".

If you experience this issue it is recommended you log in to the system with full Admin rights, uninstall the product, remove the Crosscheck Networks directory under the Program Files, then re-install to the shared location while specifying a Crosscheck Networks root folder ( for instance: C:\Users\Public\Crosscheck Networks ). Activate again if necessary and then all users should be able to log into the system and launch the products without having to re-activate.


If you run into any issue not covered here or if you need any further assistance please open a support request online or email support@crosschecknet.com.


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