FAQ - CloudPort Error: "Error configuring SSL for Port..."

CloudPort administrators may encounter the following error when configuring HTTPS Listeners:

Error Message:

Error configuring SSL for Port N.  Details:
HttpSetserviceConfiguration Completed with 1312

Applies to:
CloudPort running on Windows Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 7

This error indicates an issue with certificate that was selected for use with the HTTPS listener. Below is a list of potential causes:

1) The certificate does not have the usage setting to be allowed as a server certificate.
2) The certificate should be installed in the Local Machine instead of the Current user.
3) The certificate is not trusted.
4) The certificate does not have an associated private key.
5) The user account running CloudPort does not have sufficient privileges.

1) Ensure that the certificate has the usage set allowing it to be used as a server certificate.
2) Ensure that the certificate is installed on the local machine store.
3) Ensure that the certificate CA is published in the Trusted area.
4) Ensure that the certificate has a private key.
5) Ensure that the current user has sufficient privileges.


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