FAQ - Not all rows are picked up when using an Excel ADS

SOAPSonar users may run into an issue when using Excel Data Sources. Specifically, not all rows of a column are returned when there are both alphanumeric and numeric values.


This is not a SOAPSonar bug, it is a Microsoft issue with querying Excel worksheets as queries which is documented here:


Generally, CSV files should be used as they do not have this column type detection issue.   To resolve the current problem, either:

1) Convert the file to CSV and use the CSV representation

2) Make the column either completely numeric or completely alphanumeric.

3) If the column types are mixed, ensure an alphanumeric value appears within the first 8 rows

4) Change the registry entry documented in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/194124/EN-US to something larger than "TypeGuessRows=8."




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